Custom Vanity & Mirror

Handcrafted Solid White Oak Custom Vanity Built to Last

We constructed this gorgeous solid white oak vanity for a client wanting a new vanity but not built-in with any man-made board. She wanted something durable, built by artisan craftsmen to last generations. This stunning custom vanity features book-matched oak cabinet doors showcasing breathtaking mirrored woodgrain patterns that resemble natural works of art.

But the true quality lies in the meticulous joinery holding this vanity together. Using time-honored dovetail joinery techniques passed down through the ages, our woodworkers then hand-sanded and finished the solid oak vanity using clear stain varnishes to protect it while still highlighting the raw wood tones and textures.

The result is a solid white oak vanity that is as strong as it is beautiful. Built from quality materials with great attention to detail and old-world joinery methods, this vanity will easily become a beloved family heirloom. Contact us today to commission your custom wood furniture designed not just to store, but to endure.