Commissioning Furniture And The Process Of Making

Ordering And Design Custom Made Furniture

Typically most of the furniture made by Boustead and Brown are commissions for both corporate and residential customers. Our project budgets vary from $5000 to $200,000.

Customers come to us with a design or a need. We sit down with them to best work out and establish things like budget, size, style, and other requirements. So that we have something to work with before the pencil hits the paper.

The next step is the preparation of concept drawings or maybe models so the client can visualize the designed piece. These consultations will also cover what types of timber and materials that will be used as well as how the piece is to be made and finished.

From there we can provide a quote on what your needs and wants are. Once the design is approved time frames can be established. Depending on the design details, size, materials available, complexity, and other pieces we are working on.


Making And Manufacturing Furniture

Once the client goes ahead with the commission a deposit is paid and we begin.

There is a special relationship between a craftsman and the timber they use. It takes time, passion, and skill to turn a tree into prized furniture. We hand-pick every piece of timber or veneer we use so. With great care, we consider grain and figure on each board to create the most incredible-looking furniture. This is done so the timber boards which make up a tabletop are matched for colour and seamless as possible. All of this helps to add unique character to your furniture. We strive for perfection in everything we make.

Much of the work we do is by hand which is crucial in creating quality. Which sets us apart from mass-produced or batch-run-makers. Handmade joints such as dovetails and mortise and tenon mean the furniture will last and hold together. In many cases hundreds of years. Many of these joints will be hidden within the furniture. This is where many other makers will try to take a shortcut but we don’t and that is what makes us different.



The functionality of how each piece will be used will be discussed. To understand which types of finish will best fit your needs. We finish all the pieces in-house. Much of this is also done by hand so we can guarantee a beautiful finish. Finishing in itself is another trade and art form. Which in many cases takes as long to finish a piece as to make it. A top-class finish can make a piece that can really establish warmth and character and bring out the most in the timber.

Individually crafted and designed handmade pieces are considerably more expensive than store-bought mass-produced furniture. But is for someone who wants and appreciates quality craftsmanship.

Having a piece of custom-made furniture or commissioning one you are investing in something of beauty. Which is made of the highest quality without compromise. Each and every step is carefully considered. From design throughout the construction and all the way to the finish we use.

If you can make it from wood or timber we’ll give it a go. So contact us today, or take a trip out to the studio and see what we make.