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"We know about joinery & we know about families. Our designs prioritize the needs & lifestyle of the modern Australian family."


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As bespoke designers and creators of custom-made built-in furniture, we work with you to design and create a quality custom made built-in home office that suits your style and needs.

Our mission is to create a one-off functional home office space that is structurally sound without compromising your creative vision or style.

There is nothing like the value of owning a one-of-a-kind creation made to your exact specifications. Our bespoke designs are built with style to last generations because each piece is a labor of love.

Let us create a dedicated workspace for you that inspires productivity, complements your home, and enhances your workflow.

A custom-built home office was made for a customer in Gordon on Sydney's north shore. Made from smoked black oak and finished in water based.


We create office ideas that aren't only functional but create the ultimate in productivity and style.

Our craftsmen put their artistic talent and skills into every piece of custom made cabinetry at our studio.

With an inspired and functional design, we can build you a custom made built-in home office with your unique needs in mind. Whether it’s a small niche or an entire room, we will create a modern system that will help keep your business affairs organized and free from clutter.

Our storage solutions create an organized setup, so your custom made built-in home office becomes an oasis with a workflow that serves you. These systems allow you to stay focused on the tasks at hand, all while relishing the comfort of working from your own home.



  •  Enjoy working at home and manage your everyday workload more efficiently and comfortably.

  • No need to settle for mediocre. Create all the elements of your office to your preferences.

  • Better organization for your unique specifications.

Just finished this custom-made home office for a customer in Annangrove. We have used solid timber front caps and lipping on the shelves with matched doors and cabinet backs.


Designed to create a warm inviting atmosphere, this wardrobe and study nook with push touch flush mount draw. Designed to maximize space in a small apartment in Beecroft in a modern contemporary style. Custom made joinery and cabinet making

Types of home office we can make

*Built-in home office fit outs

*Home office desks

*Corner desks

*Custom bookcases

*Built-in study nooks

*Built-in office storage cabinets

*Filing cabinets



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