Who We Are As Furniture Makers

Boustead & Brown, Four Generations of Furniture Makers

Designing and creating quality custom timber furniture isn’t something you just decide to do. When your family have been furniture makers for generations, you simply can’t ignore it. Artistic detail and craftmanship for furniture design are in your blood.

Kevin Brown, a fourth-generation furniture maker, has worked for some of the leading cabinet and furniture makers in Sydney.  As a tribute to his grandparents, Ken Brown and Phillis Boustead, Kevin founded Boustead & Brown Enterprises. A Sydney based furniture makers and designers since 2012.

Boustead & Brown are a family run and owned quality custom furniture company located in Hornsby and services all of Sydney, from the upper North Shore, right through to the Eastern Suburbs.

His furniture making is based on a simple philosophy to create the best quality custom furniture in Sydney.

Quality custom furniture in the home or office is different.  Each piece has its own spirit, a simplicity in design but yet filled with detail, all coming together to serve a function.’

Kevin Brown, furniture maker.


What Makes Our Custom Furniture Different

Quality Custom Furniture Is In The Fine Detail.

Boustead & Brown weave elements of artistic talent, design and fine hand skills to build unique custom furniture. Exceptional craftsmanship in hand laying veneers, hand cut joints and fine inlay work, because we create a masterpiece that are beautiful to the eye and serves a purpose.

All materials are handpicked for their grain and figure to match the pieces’ style and form perfectly. Combine these exquisite timbers with classic furniture-making methods – hand-cut dovetails, drawbore mortise, and tenon joints – and a sophisticated. For a stunning design and quality of custom furniture which is produced.

Beyond the design and creativity, Boustead & Brown take great pride in the manufacturing process. The state-of-the-art machines, expertise and hand skills come together to create timber furniture that will last many lifetimes.

Using century old techniques and boundless possibilities, there’s isn’t anything that Boustead & Brown can’t create.


How We Work With You

Quality Custom Furniture In Your Home Is Different.

It's beauty lies in the subtle design details. That suits your style and fits your home or office perfectly. We spend time getting to know you, because turning your ideas and the purpose of your custom furniture’s, is a unique piece and process.

Your design and completed custom furniture are one-of-a-kind. Your furniture designs and specifications are for your use only – it becomes an original Boustead & Brown.

Boustead & Brown pride themselves on the quality of our materials, craftsmanship and first-rate reliable service. Your unique custom furniture becomes an expression of your style. For you to enjoy and admire every day.