Custom Made Built in Bookcases


Bringing Your Vision to Life

Design to suit your lifestyle

"We know about joinery & we know about families.

Our designs prioritize the needs & lifestyle of the modern Australian family."


Give your home study or office a touch of class with handcrafted, quality furniture tailored to your needs and space.

With intricate detailing and a flawless finish to preserve the natural beauty of the wood and materials selected, get original and stunning custom made built-in bookcases made for you.


This two-seater home office with built-in bookcases was built for a customer in Pymble with shaker-style doors and timber oak benchtop. Finished in satin white ploy paint with clear satin on the bench top using Blum hinges and draw runner.


At Boustead & Brown, we individually craft each piece of furniture for a bespoke result that matches your exact requirements.

From integrating special features such as storage, nooks, and crannies to display your personal mementos to the depth, height, and colour, we guarantee a one-of-a-kind custom made bookcase for your home office or library.

It doesn’t matter what the shape of your room is or how many corners it has: our talented craftsmen can work around any type of architecture for a transition so smooth that it looks like your built-in bookcase was meant to be there.

Like all our woodwork, our custom made built in bookcases are handmade to the highest standards of craftsmanship at our studio. Each piece of timber or veneer is handpicked, keeping your individual specifications in mind. All wood finishes, such as paint or lacquer, are applied in-house, and installation is done by our experienced builders. The result – is a masterpiece of elegance and beauty and a perfect showcase for your books and cherished memories.


Made-to-Order Built-in Bookshelves to Suit Your Home

Our custom made built in bookcases are not just for home offices and libraries. We can design built-ins for any area of your home with a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Want a cozy reading nook or workspace in your bedroom? Or a striking background for your living room? Whatever your vision is for your home, we work with you to bring it to a reality with timeless built-in bookcases refined to enhance your living space.

Some design features we can incorporate in our built-in bookshelves include:

Custom-made built-in home office. With shaker-style doors and soft close Blum hardware. Custom-made timber joinery and cabinet making.

All our designs are developed after an in-depth consultation and assessment of your space to understand your individual requirements. We aim to build a practical yet beautiful built-in bookshelf that blends seamlessly with your decor to add character, warmth and value to your home.



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