White Oak and Fijian Mahogany Desk


 Our white oak Fijian mahogany desk is functional as well as elegant. Made in the traditional style with an inlaid top, hand-cut dovetails draws, and drawbored mortise and tenon construction this piece will last generations. We have designed and made it in such a way that it will create a peaceful atmosphere where your brain comes alive with thoughts, calculations, creativity, and brilliant ideas. You can keep this desk in your study room, to place books on or to use it as a computer table. It's a great piece for those who are planning to make a home office. It will turn your home office into a place that motivates you to begin working to the best of your ability the moment you sit down. With three featured drawers, offers you the exact right amount of storage space for all your files, books, papers, notes, tools, and everything else you need during your work.