Hyde Park Custom Made Display Cabinet

Custom Cabinets Showcase Art in a Hyde Park Apartment

We designed and installed beautiful custom made display cabinet to showcase art in a customer's Hyde Park apartment. With a minimalist, contemporary aesthetic, these cabinets were tailored precisely to fit the space and art collection.

The cabinets have a poly paint finish, which provides a neutral backdrop that puts the focus on the art storage inside. The integrated display cubbies are angled with the shelves slightly protruding to create subtle shadow lines, perfectly framing and accentuating each art piece.

The touch latch doors open seamlessly, operated by gently pressing the discreet handle indent. This hidden hardware maintains a clean look. Inside, the cabinets there is plenty of storage space with adjustable shelves.

The result is a set of gorgeous custom cabinets that provide both artful display and functional storage in our client's Hyde Park home.  Contact us today to discuss your customized cabinets optimized to store and showcase what you love.