Custom Furniture Maker and Designer

If you are looking for an expert furniture maker who specialized in bespoke custom made timber furniture. You have found the place that can cater to your needs. Every piece we make is a one-off, for people looking for something unique, special or different for your home or office that has a personal touch. We can make a range of different styles from traditional to contemporary or any other style you like.

Renowned in the industry, we have a real love for creating beautiful high end handcrafted timber furniture. The finest you can get anywhere in Sydney. Quality is extremely important to us so your piece will potentially last generations. All of the work done by Boustead and Brown is done by hand by skilled craftsmen to the highest level and quality. We produce our work at our factory base at Hornsby in the north of Sydney Australia.

As furniture makers and designer we will work with you to produce and make a quality product that you find aesthetically pleasing. It must be structurally sound, and most importantly a functional product without compromising your creative vision or style. As well as to meet all your needs. We want to work with you to create and achieve amazing concepts that become reality.